Hellooo, Word Press!


My name is Pickelope…

You can call me Pi

As of now, I am officially joining the WordPress society,

And, boy, am I psyched!

I want to use this blog to share my





Now some of you may be thinking:

“Well what makes Pi different from the other nerds?”

Let me spell it out for ya:


is my M.O.

For real.

Ever since I was teeny-tiny, I have been infatuated with books, words, writing, speeches, plays, anything related to or derived from the art of literature.

I even wrote a speech about it.

Want a book recommendation?

I’m your Pi

Want a last minute editor?

I’m your Pi

Want a human thesaurus?

I’m your Pi

Word Press, prepare yourself for the:

Ultimate WordNerd!


2 thoughts on “Hellooo, Word Press!

  1. Hey Pi! I love it! I will recommend this to everyone I know! If you see this comment post and keep up with Pi! I love writing too Pi!

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