Wish, n. – a desire or hope for something to happen

Walking downtown, you notice an old intriguing shop which you’ve never seen before. You, fervid with whimsical curiosity, open the aged door and enter the shop. Immediately you find yourself surrounded by antiquated trinkets and musty carpets. Suddenly, a glittery object snatched your attention. No storekeeper in sight, you decide to pick up the mysterious saucer-like object. Then you notice its dustiness, and swipe off the layer of dust absentmindedly. The lamp shuddered and spouted out none other than a genie.

Can you guess what it’ll ask you?

That’s right: three wishes! I’m sure you are familiar with the age old legend of the genie. Trickster of the lamp whose sole purpose is to grant the “rubber” three wishes. Although most of the time, these wishes will never ever turn out as expected. With the exception of a few genies from G-rated movies such as Aladdin, most genies are notorious for teaching us all to “be careful what we wish for” .

So in a hypothetical situation, wishes granting love, fame, fortune, or success seem harmless. In reality, wishes made around these subjects could backfire terribly. Wishes must be specific and foolproof.

Keeping that in mind….what would you wish for?

Me, I would wish for more wishes.


el·e·phant, n. A heavy plant-eating mammal with a prehensile trunk, long curved ivory tusks, and large ears,..


They’re beautiful…

Even with their wrinkles.

Sitting in the Africa bush,

I witness

A memory* of elephants

parade by

Bulky legs lumbering,

Gargantuan ears flapping in the wind,

and trunks ensnaring each other’s tails.

Years of wisdom

Are sketched into the

Crevices of their skin

Carry on, majestic giantesses.

Here is a wordle dedicated to the Queens of the Jungle.


Mark your calendars! September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day!


20 Weird English Words

As you all know, I love words more than anything! So I inserted this link to some awesome, glorious words! Please send me a comment with your favorite word from the list. You can use it in a sentence if you want to.

You’d be surprised at the psychology behind what kind of word one would choose. my favorite is Phenakism…

Well, let’s forget about those implications.


It’s amazing how many words we have in the English language. And people still use cuss words. Why do that when you can call someone a pronk?

Insults mean so much more when the insultee doesn’t know what you’re saying…

Afflatus, n.- inspiration; origin: Latin

Do you ever have those moments of inspiration?

Those moments when you experience an emotional epiphany or self-discovery?

I love those moments.

Fortunately for people like me, there are endless sources of afflatuses everywhere.

But honestly, the most inspiring sources are people themselves…,

Whether it’s by what they say or do

Let’s start with what they say.

Below are a few of the most inspiring quotes I’ve ever read:

 “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

–Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

 Words of truth, Dr. Shaklee. Do you ever find yourself worrying so much about tomorrow that you forget about today? Well, how ‘bout a change. Carpe diem! Seize the day (as it comes)! People, we cannot keep complaining about our messed-up world, and not do anything about it.

“The dreamers are the saviors of the world.”
– James Allen

No kidding. Where would we be without our dreamers? If no one dreamed, we would have no Martin Luther, Wright Brothers, or James Cameron. The only aspect this quote overlooks is that successful dreamers must be doers too. A couch potato with a dream of achieving the impossible will never do so if he/she stays a couch potato.

“There is nothing more genuine than breaking away from the chorus to learn the sound of your own voice.” – Po Bronson

Individuality is a dying art in today’s society. Mostly because as human beings, we want to be accepted and conforming is the best way to do so. Well, whenever I read this quote, I feel like being different…, but not in a hipster way. I want to be able to pursue whatever interests fit my liking, no matter society thinks. So please, stop asking yourself, “but what would my friends say?” or “would people still like me if I did that?” Just do it. They’ll probably respect you.

Now that we’ve analyzed some fabulous quotes, I would like to share some inspirational pictures and a video. While you’re looking at these, remember that inspirations do not necessarily change your life dramatically. They can just arouse emotions or thought. I hope these moving media arouse emotions in you like they do in me!

Sooo Moving!