Wish, n. – a desire or hope for something to happen

Walking downtown, you notice an old intriguing shop which you’ve never seen before. You, fervid with whimsical curiosity, open the aged door and enter the shop. Immediately you find yourself surrounded by antiquated trinkets and musty carpets. Suddenly, a glittery object snatched your attention. No storekeeper in sight, you decide to pick up the mysterious saucer-like object. Then you notice its dustiness, and swipe off the layer of dust absentmindedly. The lamp shuddered and spouted out none other than a genie.

Can you guess what it’ll ask you?

That’s right: three wishes! I’m sure you are familiar with the age old legend of the genie. Trickster of the lamp whose sole purpose is to grant the “rubber” three wishes. Although most of the time, these wishes will never ever turn out as expected. With the exception of a few genies from G-rated movies such as Aladdin, most genies are notorious for teaching us all to “be careful what we wish for” .

So in a hypothetical situation, wishes granting love, fame, fortune, or success seem harmless. In reality, wishes made around these subjects could backfire terribly. Wishes must be specific and foolproof.

Keeping that in mind….what would you wish for?

Me, I would wish for more wishes.


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